Tasha Moreno is a UX Designer focused on personalizing the digital experience.

Clients & companies

"We Decide" vs "You Decide"

MAX/Center is an enterprise application utilized by over 100K RE/MAX users monthly. After its launch in April 2019, I lead user research initiatives for identifying how to deliver valuable content without compromising the accessibility of useful resources.

Making networking fun again

SoCap utilizes the principle of social capital to enable event attendees to strengthen their networking experiences. I collaborated with cross-functional team members to contribute user research and UI design. Working within an iterative process, I delivered an MVP solution for establishing meaningful connections at live events.

Comprehension & meaningfulness

In November 2018, "The Helix App" was added to a digital marketplace of DNA-powered products built by over 20 partner companies. My role was to validate how and if the templated app was providing value to end users. Through a series of content testing, card sorting, and recorded sessions, we created a new IA based on user preferences and behavior patterns. 



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